Visit to the Permai Rainforest Resort, Sarawak, May 2008

During the AUIAC 2008 Kuching Roadshow, some members of the AUIAC 2008 Organising Committee had the opportunity to tour some of the well-known beach resorts such as the Damai Beach Resort in Sarawak. The Permai Rainforest Resort at Pantai Damai Santubong, in particular, stood out as an unusual destination for town folks like us yearning to return to our primitive self and experience living on trees in close proximity to the mountains and the sea.

Yes, the Permai Rainforest Resort claims to be the only resort in Malaysia featuring Treehouse accommodation. For those who have a phobia of heights and fear that the treehouse might topple, there are also cabins spread throughout the resort under the trees. Comfortably furnished, with air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms, we still get the comforts of our home while living in the forest.

Built as Camp Permai an outward bound style school in 1990, the Permai Rainforest Resort has since been converted to a nature resort. Teambuilding and outdoor adventure training courses are still being conducted. For the adventurous thrill seekers, there are 2 beaches, a forest teaming with wildlife and an extensive range of facilities and recreational activities waiting to be explored.

The ambience of the resort is captured in the following photos.

Mr Rahim H Bugo, (extreme left), Manager of Permai Rainforest Resort at Pantai Damai Santubong, kindly showed us around the resort. L to R, Rahim H Bugo, Rodger Chan, Chai Sow Fong, Peggy Tan, Lim Hwe Tong & Simon Ho