Vivek Anand
President, JAMES COOK UNIVERSITY Alumni Association Singapore |
Programme Executive, Selarang Halfway House |
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Vivek currently works as a Programme Executive at Selarang Halfway House. He strives to create a safe and supportive environment that supports and guides his residents in their desistance from crime and reintegration journey before they progress to the next phases of the Mandatory Aftercare scheme.

Prior to his current occupation, Vivek worked as an Assistant Manager (Social Assistance) at the Ministry of Social and Family Development to provide ComCare assistance for those in need. Vivek is also pursuing his part-time Masters in Guidance and Counselling at James Cook University Singapore.

Outside of his professional career, Vivek spends most of his time volunteering at various organizations and spends whatever time he has left with family and friends. If you do find him alone and free, which would be very rare, you would be likely to see him drawing portraits, watching a movie or series from his favorite genre which is Horror!!

Vivek was recently elected to be the President of JCU Singapore Alumni Association (JCUSAA). The objectives of the association are :

-To create and develop opportunities for the alumni members to maintain contact through meaningful events, activities, and social platforms.
-To promote and foster the continuing involvement of the alumni members.
-To promote and enhance the reputation of the alumni members.
-To promote activities that meet the needs of the members of the Alumni.

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Andrew Pang
President University of Queensland Alumni Association Singapore; Regional Brand President University of Queensland Alumni Association Singapore; Regional Brand

Andrew firmly believes in following your passion. In 3 year stints, he worked and travelled with Singapore Airlines and owned and operated a whisky and cocktail bar. As a maverick with boundless imagination and a relentless desire to experiment, reinvent and grow, Andrew marries his unique background in psychology with his extensive expertise in the cocktail scene to create experiences like no other. Andrew now consults bars and restaurants and represents some of Beam Suntory’s biggest brands as their Regional Brand Ambassador. In his role as brand ambassador, Andrew conducts brand training for restaurant and sales staff and hosts dinners for the brands - the few times he can enjoy drinking on the job. Andrew is also a coach with Fleek Image, a personal branding and date coaching agency that helps individuals develop stronger self-confidence, social skills and personal branding.

Andrew balances his time with community work. In 2019, Andrew sat on the Youth Action Plan panel under MCCY and the National Youth Council which was co-chaired by Senior Minister of State Sim Ann and helped visualise their 2025 mission statement. Andrew mentors youth groups focused on solving national social issues. He is the President of the University of Queensland's local alumni chapter (UQAAS) and sits on various committees that work to tackle matters pertaining to the environment, mental health and inclusivity.

UQAAS is focused on 2 main areas; Social and Economy. For the Social track, the association aims to build a strong alumni community here in Singapore through virtual and in-person networking events. UQAAS advocates and will promote the importance of good mental health through programmes and partnerships. We are also exploring collaboration with organisations to provide scholarships and bursaries to low income and vulnerable individuals. Through the Economy track, we want to support graduates in their transition from final year students into the working world. We will be working more closely with UQ’s Alumni to Alumni (A2A) programme that provides international mentorship to all who are seeking mentors. We also want to support local alumni-run businesses and freelancers especially in this uncertain covid landscape.

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Senior Executive Campus Activities of James Cook University Singapore campus

Joshua currently works for the Singapore Campus of James Cook University as a staff in the Studdent Affairs, Campus Activities department. Campus Activities looks after clubs and societies as well as other student life aspects on campus. He has worked for JCU Singapore campus for no less than 6 years and counting.

Joshua studied diploma in IT in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and after 2 years of working in the industry after National Service (NS), he left as it did not suit his personality. He then pursued his Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Hospitality and Tourism management at Singapore Campus of James Cook University. And right after graduation, he started working for JCU Singapore campus. He has been a mentor, adviser and friend to numerous students who have come and gone at James Cook University Singapore campus.

Outside of his professional career Joshua’s favourite pastimes are watching anime, playing mobile and PC games, as well as playing board games. He plays board games bi-weekly with the JCUSAA executive committee team at each other’s homes before the enhanced COVID-19 safe management measures, and currently Jack Box games on Discord. He is also into Science Fiction tabletop miniature game Warhammer 40000 and its lore. So, if you are interested to chat with him more about the above topics, feel free to hit him up on Facebook.

Joshua is also the current president of JCU Singapore Alumni Association (JCUSAA). The objectives of the association are a) To create and develop opportunities for the alumni members to maintain contact through meaningful events, activities, and social platforms. b) To promote and foster the continuing involvement of the alumni members. c) To promote and enhance the reputation of the alumni members. d) To promote activities that meet the needs of the members of the Alumni.

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Sustainability & Social Media Strategist | Plastic Pyrolysis (Plastic to Fuel) Advocate I Community Management & Advocacy Mentor | Ocean Lover & Paddler

Mathilda, who graduated from Murdoch University is the Chief Purpose Officer at Ocean Purpose Project (OPP), which is a proudly Pasir Ris-based social enterprise driving ocean conservation and plastic pollution prevention via disruptive and creative projects with mass-scale impact.

Mathilda started after a water pollution incident in 2015 left with intense autoimmune conditions. OPP’s unique selling point is to use innovative technology that is yet to enter the Singapore market, such as Plastic to Fuel and Bioplastics.

The organisation also holds frequent offline and online events to educate Singaporeans on its sustainability efforts. When COVID-19 hit last year, OPP was unable to carry out its usual projects as the beaches were closed. This, however, did not deter the organisation from contributing to social causes in Singapore. Its projects that aimed to help the migrant worker community saw it win the silver award in the Marketing Excellence Awards 2020, for the category “Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility”. Its efforts were also recognised in the category of Excellence in Mobile Marketing as a finalist.







Dr Anthony PH Tang

Dr Anthony is a specialist Breast Cancer surgeon, with clinical interests in Breast Conservation Surgery, Breast Reconstruction (Oncoplasty) and Sentinel Node Biopsy (for minimal lymph node removal).

An ASEAN scholar in his pre-university days, Dr Anthony was subsequently awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship for Medicine for his undergraduate medical education in Melbourne, Australia. He went on to complete his postgraduate surgical training and was conferred a joint specialist fellowship with the Singapore and United Kingdom (Edinburgh) boards. Apart from his surgical training, Dr Anthony also attained 2 postgraduate Masters degrees, in Medicine (Surgery) and in Public Health (Clinical Epidemiology) respectively.

As a published scientific author, Dr Anthony is a frequent speaker at many local and international conferences. He also often organizes and speaks at public symposiums in Singapore as he is an avid advocate for breast cancer screening. He has a strong research interest, particularly in the field of medical device innovation. In 2011, he was awarded the inaugural Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship. He was also the Fellowship Head at Singapore Stanford Biodesign, and the Clinician Consultant to I²R, A*STAR, and has trained over 400 budding medical device entrepreneurs. As the Clinical Principal Investigator, he was working with grants totaling over $4 million. As a result of his research work, Dr Anthony was also conferred an A/Professorship with NUS.

Dr Anthony is accredited with Admission Rights to:
• Mt Alvernia
• Mt Elizabeth Orchard
• Mt Elizabeth Novena
• Farrer Park Hospital

Personally, Dr Anthony enjoys using his professional skills to benefit the underprivileged. He is passionately involved in surgical outreach programs to the underprivileged parts of Asia, and was the co-founder of the surgical volunteer and charity organization within the National University Health Systems (NUHS).