Stay Healthy & Wealthy through Property Investment March 10, 2011

This AAS event was held at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, 5 March 2011 at 10am.

The event was opened by our President Mr Loh Hoon Sun who wisely pointed out that health is more important than wealth. On this note, Mr Loh introduced the presenter for the Health Section, Mr David Huan (, Director Distributor of Usana Health Sciences. Mr Huan advocated staying healthy naturally via Usana health supplements. He also said that Usana spends millions on research every year and is recommended by medical doctors and used by athletes in the U.S.A. Mr Huan also distributed samples of Usana Probiotics for members to try during lunch.

For healthy Singaporeans, wealth is of equal importance. In the latter part of the event, Ms Tina Ng (, a Consultant of the Walton International Group presented land investment opportunities in Texas, U.S.A. Walton has been in the business for 35 years, and specialises in strategically purchasing pre-development land in the path of growth development of major North American cities. According to Tina, average returns are20% simple interests per annum with an average holding time of 6-7 years. As claimed, Walton has never lost capital for any of its investors and, as she puts it, “the only risk is time”.

The talks ended with Vice President, Ms Peggy Tan thanking the speakers for their presentations and for hosting the lunch. Members then gathered for lunch and relished the opportunity to renew old ties and to make new ones.

By Tammie Quai