Seminar on Medical Care Without Borders

Thanks to fellow alumnus Dr Kevin Chan, AAS members and friends had the privilege of hearing and learning from an illustrious team of very busy medical and surgical specialists at the Novena Medical Centre Boardroom on 14 December 2010. Dr Chan, who runs the Flinders World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance and FEMA Clinic & Surgery, was also one of the speakers.

Dr Chan spoke on Emergency Medical Assistance in the local, regional and international settings, and Air Ambulance Patient Transfers (Emergency Medical Evacuations) using ICU Air Ambulance, Commercial Air Ambulance, Heli ambulance, Sea Ambulance and Patient Repatriation. The other speakers were Dr See Ju Yaw, who cited acute appendicectomy as an example of a Surgical Emergency, Dr Raymond Lee, who spoke on Cardiac Emergencies, Dr Tommy Tan on Psychiatric Emergencies, Dr Asha Karunakaran on Dental Emergencies, Dr K O Chan on ENT Emergencies and Dr Khoo Boo Peng on Dermatological Emergencies.

Participants glued to the presentations by the panel of medical specialists

One of the event sponsors, Mr Marc-Alexis Remond from Polycom Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, demonstrated the use of remote monitoring equipment RISC and WWEMA for Local and Regional patients. Participants not only had a better understanding of the World Wide Emergency Medical Assistance (WWEMA) Programme but also a snapshot of Remote Integrative Specialist Consultations (RISC) in Medical Care without Borders.

Participants had the opportunity to tour the Novena Surgery and an Emergency Ambulance to complete their knowledge of an emergency outfit. And, of course, they had delicious buffet dinner and wine tasting from Cornerstones Wine to end a very interesting, informative and educational evening.

By Peggy Tan