Aloha Chalet, Changi

The Monash University Alumni Association of Singapore (MUAAS) BBQ held on 13 Feb 2009 at the Aloha Chalet at Changi received rave reviews from AAS members who supported the event. Ms Christina Tan noted that besides the delicious food, there was a good mix of crowd who hailed from different Alumni Associations in Singapore. “This made the networking more interesting and comprehensive” she said. She also thoroughly enjoyed the ambience.

Ms Tan Boon Soo (AAS) discovered that the squid offered was one of the best BBQ squids that she had ever tasted which, needless to say, came highly recommended by a couple of guys who happened to stand next to the food table. “They were succulent and melted in our mouth” and “that also helped to generate conversations amongst strangers too. Thus, this is the ‘super squid’!”, she quipped. She also observed that the bar offered a nice range of drinks from Magaritta to some other stuff. She concurred with Christina on the ambience and added that “the lovely breezy sea view acted as the backdrop for us to catch up with the friends whom we had not seen for ages”.

Thus, while alumni, family and friends fellowshipped amidst good and drinks on the spacious lawn, a group was jamming inside the chalet and showing off their musical talent. There was enough warmth and cosiness as well as and space for everyone. Kudos to MUAAS! Let’s have more of such activities and sharing among the various Alumni Chapters and Associations.