Meeting the Australian High Commissioner and the Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade

Most parties with Commissioners and Ministers tend to be officious and stiff. But the 1st Aug party (Queensland Education Reception) at His Excellency Mr Philip Green, Australian High Commissioner’s residence was a blast! There were inspiring paintings and sculptures all around the house, loads of beer, wine, Champagne, finger food and great networking! The beef, the crab and the avocado bites were my favourites!

A few new friends were discussing how we should address the High Commissioner when he made his rounds… should the girls curtsy? Address Philip as ‘his Excellency’? Or just simply address Philip as ‘Sir’? When Philip Green popped up and introduced himself simply as Philip but not Mr Green or we will be addressing his father! His Excellency Philip was casual, friendly and warm! I liked his sense of humour starting the speeches with a public confession that he is actually from… (deep breath) Sydney!

When he found out that I was an Alumnus from Queensland University of Technology, he very quickly introduced me to The Hon Tim Nicholls, Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade. The Minister was very friendly and I was impressed to learn that he actually made an effort to dedicate some time from his very tight schedule of official visits, to say hello to the alumni here in Singapore. It is this person to person approach that will take politicians very far!

What a beautiful evening and diverse networking with both Australians and Australian alumni. Thank you, High Commissioner for hosting such a wonderful party and to the inspiring The Hon Tim Nicholls, the Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Trade for initiating the networking. We certainly look forward to the next party!

By Jeffrey Tan

Winner of the

1. Outstanding Young Alumnus Award 2012 by

Australian Government / Australian Alumni Singapore, and

2. Creative Industries Faculty Outstanding Alumni Award for 2012 by

Queensland University of Technology