Market Outlook & Investment Seminar

The overwhelming response to the Economic and Stock Market Outlook 2011 seminar prompted AAS to organise another one this year.

The Market Outlook & Investment Seminar was conducted by Phillip Securities, a member of Phillip Capital, on 14 January 2012. Members and friends turned up at Phillip Securities,Raffles City on this bright Saturday morning to find out what will be the investment outlook for 2012.

Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities, who is the President of AAS, opened the event by thanking all members and friends for taking their Saturday morning off to attend this event. After a short speech, he handed the floor to the three speakers.

The first speaker, Mr Lee Kok Joo, Head of Research, Phillip Securities Research, outlined his view on the economic outlook, locally and globally, and how it would affect the stock market performance inSingapore. Although there were opportunities to invest in shares, he advised that one must always exercise caution due to the volatile global economic market.

The second speaker was Mr Derrick Heng, Investment Analyst, Phillip Securities Research. He introduced his stock picks and recommended the price at which to buy for each stock. The rationale for his each pick was explained, with all factors taken into consideration. Shares that he picked were from companies with potential upsides.

Lastly, Mr Luke Lim, Head of CFD, Phillip Securities, presented an investment medium for the bear market, Contract for Difference (CFD). CFD is a leveraged trading instrument which is trading onmargin. He explained that CFD could be used during a bear market to capitalise the market trend by short selling the shares. It could also be used in a bull market to hold long positions.

After the presentations, Ms. Christina Tan, Treasurer of AAS, rounded off the event by thanking the speakers and Phillip Securities, the event sponsor. This was followed by a lunch where there was networking opportunity for all.

Christina Tan
Treasurer, AAS