Luxury Lifestyle Presentation

An Enchanting Evening with the Sea Bear

On 27 April 2013, AAS members and friends attended a Luxury Lifestyle Presentation aboard the Sea Bear yacht at the One Degree 15 Marina Club. The event was hosted by KOP Hospitality Pte Ltd.

About 50 attendees had the privilege of being on the 130-foot yacht named ‘Sea Bear’ formerly owned by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. The picturesque setting of Sentosa Cove, with the sun-set for the background and tinkering glasses, was the perfect setting for a beautiful evening.

Mr. Loh Hoon Sun, President of AAS, welcomed the guests, thanked Alumni International Singapore for their participation and KOP Hospitality Pte Ltd for hosting this special event. He then invited Mr. Kostas Ioannidis, Senior Vice President, Sales, to explain more about KOP Hospitality and the Sea Bear.

Mr. Ioannidis informed the guests that this was Mr. Jack Nicklaus’ family yacht and it was acquired for US$16 million with a commitment that the yacht interiors will be maintained in exactly the same manner with no changes. Guests were thrilled to know that they can own this piece of history, at least for a few hours, as the Sea Bear was available for chartering.

Next, Ms Vanessa Kong, Director of Sales & Marketing, Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, and Mr Von Go, General Manager of AquaVoyage, gave a short presentation, each.

The guests were then split into 3 groups and shown around the luxurious yacht. The Sea Bear consisted of a living room, 3 bed-rooms which included a master bed-room, a dining room and a bar at the top of the 3-storey Sea Bear. The stunning furniture and original Jack Nicklaus memorabilia accentuated the look and feel of the Sea Bear.

While the guests were taking pictures and mingling, delicious sandwiches and desserts were being served along with drinks. Mr. Ioannidis also informed about their presence in Batam at Montigo Resorts and how the yacht and resorts can be combined to create a truly memorable experience. After which, a few guests were pretty sure about how they are going to spend their birthday or anniversary.

Guests appreciated the efforts of the AAS for organizing such an event which gave them a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

AAS would like to thank KOP Hospitality Pte Ltd for being such a gracious host and for sharing with our members a slice of luxury lifestyle.

By Kaushik Bhanushali

Communications Chairman, AAS