Is Gold Bullion a Good Alternative Investment?

The seminar on “Is Gold Bullion a Good Alternative Investment?” on 18 April was the first in a series of Alumni activities since the new Management Committee took office. Attended by more than 20 members, this seminar aimed to introduce gold as a viable asset class to invest in. It was conducted by Mr Leong Kum Kei (picture above), Director of Sin Yi Investments Pte Ltd.

Mr Loh Hoon Sun, President of AAS and Managing Director of Phillip Securities, opened the seminar by thanking all members for taking time off to attend this event. He also extended his appreciation to the event sponsor, Sin Yi Investments Pte Ltd, and to the speaker, Mr Leong Kum Kei, for sharing his insights.

Members engaging in a lively interaction with Mr Leong Kum Kei

The seminar was a lively one as Mr Leong shared about the effects of compounded interest and the type of investments available. He also responded to queries from participants on how they should go about investing in gold, the returns they could get, and the risks involved. He shared that gold was a good hedge against inflation and hence a viable option that could bring in certain financial gains. There was a lucky draw after the presentation, where two participants won a bottle of Jack Daniels each, sponsored by Sin Yi Investments Pte Ltd. Giving away the lucky draw prizes was Ms Esther Chng, Treasurer of AAS.

The evening ended with Mr Edmund Kwan, Chair of Membersip Committee of AAS, thanking both the speaker and the sponosr. Alumni members gained valuable knowledge on investing in gold and had a good time networking over dinner. With the success of this seminar, members can look forward to future investment talks and seminars.

Written by: Mr Ken Tan Member Australian Alumni Singapore