Goshen Art Gallery – Press Release / “enraptured” – featuring 3 established contemporary artists 29th Sept – 08th Oct 2017

Press Release – 01st Sept 2017

Goshen Art Gallery LLP presents:

“enraptured” – featuring 3 established contemporary artists Curated by Goshen Art Gallery LLP

Goshen Art Gallery (New Showroom)

Goshen Art Gallery welcomes you and your guest to our new gallery showroom located at Millenia Walk!

Goshen Art Gallery moves into yet another bigger space at Millenia Walk since Dec 2016. From its previous 1200sqft space at Suntec City Mall, the 2500 sqft space at Millenia Walk will allow Mr. Jack Yu, Director and Curator of Goshen Art Gallery, to organise more bigger scale exhibitions and events. The new location also caters to the affluent shoppers, corporations and C-­‐suites working in the area, and believe to draw a larger audience with its on-­‐going monthly activities happening in the gallery. “As promised, we want to continualy entice the art enthusiasts with new space and events.” said Mr Yu.

Details of the Exhibition:

Goshen Art Gallery embarks on artistic explorations of abstraction and elegant disposition, as seen through the eyes of 3 contemporary artists. “Enraptured” comprises contemporary

artworks executed by the 3 artists in recent times. They are Singaporean artist Ng Yak Whee and HockAnn-­‐Lim aka HALim, and British-­‐born José Martinez a.k.a Manx.

The exhibition will present over 30 pieces of artworks by these 3 remarkable artists; of whom have travelled widely and won many international awards. “Enraptured” explores creativity, ideas and personas of these artists pertaining to their encounters of personal histories, identities, and meaning of life. The colours employed are mostly vibrant and arresting, and they reflect keenly the mood of these artists when creating them.

Their works continue to enrupture the artists’ community and the art collectors worldwide.

About the Artists


Ng Yak Whee is an urban artist who translates life’s vicissitudes into ever-­‐changing landscapes.

Looking at Ng Yak Whee’s paintings, one is transported to a mystical and radiant world pulsating with the rhythm of life and exuding with introspection, movement and musicality. Every painting is part of the artist’s life. It embodies his dreams, hopes and memories.

Yak Whee loves poetry. His paintings are imbued with a gentle, poetic temperament that is like his own personality-­‐gregarious yet maintaining a quiet and elegant disposition.

Yak Whee has won many accolades -­‐ Overall Winner of IBM Art Award, 1st Prize Winner of OUB Painting of the year, Silver Medal in Salon des Artistes Francois, Paris, Distinction Award in Kyoto International Art Exhibition and Dr Tan Tze Chor Art Awards.

Yak Whee paintings and sculptures are in the collection of Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Art Gallery, Fukuoka Art Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, and many private and corporates companies.


Born in Britain, José Martinez a.k.a Manx, is a hot favourite at Singapore Contemporary Art Show and Affordable Art Fair Singapore.

He invites his audience to experience the explosive energy of the world’s famed mega-­‐cities including New York, London and Tokyo. And of course, Asia too!

Well known for his exuberant, fearless approach and powerful art creations of cityscapes, landmarks, and architecture, his art is as timeless as it is contemporary.

Impressionist realism, abstract, deconstruction or unique one-­‐of-­‐a kind commission, Manx’s art is bold, vibrant and intelligent.

José Martinez was born in 1967 and currently divides his time between England and Singapore.


HockAnn-­‐Lim aka HALim is his pseudonym as an artist. HALim is also the eldest son of late Lim Cheng Hoe, an outstanding first generation water-­‐color painter and founding member of the Singapore Watercolour Society in 1969.

In this art exhibition, HALim displays the extension of his conceptual works by adding recycled waste materials as and when blended well into his art-­‐making. He believes that art presentation need not be limited to the conventional use of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, crayon and ink mediums only.

In short, HALim’s on-­‐going challenge is to think out of the box and create art unboxed. Art creation must be seen as an unending process of one’s creativity so long one’s body, mind and spirit do not sink into atrophy.


Goshen Art Gallery (New Showroom)
 9 Raffles Boulevard,
#02-­‐19/20, Millenia Walk,
 Singapore 039596

Opening Reception:
 29th September 2017, 6:30pm – 8:30pm (only for invited guests & the press)

Exhibition Dates:
29th Sept – 08th Oct 2017
11:00am -­‐ 9:00pm Daily
 Free Admission

Contact Details:

Sample of Ng Yak Whee painting:

Sample of Manx’s painting:

Sample of HALim’s painting:

Please contact info@goshenartgallery.com for bigger images if required for press.