Conversations in Career & Purpose

An interactive Zoom webinar was held by Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS) on Aug 17, 2021. The engaging session titled ‘Conversations on Career and Purpose’ was kicked off successfully by moderator Mr. Kevin Dam, CEO  & Founder of Aemorph, and joining in the conversations were SGX Market Strategist at Singapore Exchange, Mr. Geoff Howie and Ms. Li Li Kuan who is an Independent Director of many listed companies and non-profits organisations.

Mr. Howie led the discussions with Ms. Kuan on the narratives and highlights of her career. She shared how important it is to get hands-on experience in any job provided to us. While discussing Singapore as a global financial hub, few factors were acknowledged by her like the country’s political stability, proactive policymaking, strong regulations and ability to bring technological transparency, etc. which have set Singapore ahead of its competitors on the global front. As the FinTech industry is going to be super competitive particularly for those seeking managerial positions, she shared tips relevant to financial or FinTech industries from her significant managerial experiences. As the financial industry is constantly evolving, being a constant learner is a very important mindset to have along with maintaining an adaptable, agile mindset, she mentioned. For all aspects of a career, one needs to have the ability to prioritise and focus on what really is important besides maintaining good communication skills to reach the higher rung in the career path. Mr. Howie also requested Ms. Kuan to explain the key issues in the booming area like tech regulations present in the market. The discussion also spanned from handling board-level positions to tips for working mothers to environmental conservation.

On behalf of AAS, we would like to sincerely convey our gratitude to Speakers, Moderator and all those who attended the webinar.

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