China versus US, Brexit deal, who will prevail?

How will the trade war between the 2 biggest economies in the world continue affecting markets? How has Brexit impacted Asia and Singapore? We kickoff 2019 by inviting 3 leading equities specialists to share their insights on the burning questions on the minds of business leaders and owners with Market Trends 2019.

Over 127 guests from 18 Australian Universities attended AAS Market Trends 2019 and gained an insight about investment outlook and “tips” to stock picks.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mr Bruce Gosper, the Australian High Commissioner, Mr Chris Cheah, Dr Bill Foo, Mr Michael Yap and the council members of AAS, and presidents representing 8 university alumni.

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU note to our partners and sponsors for the event, Manulife Singapore, NUSS, Treasury Wine Estates, James Cook University and Deakin University.

Thank you all for attending AAS Market Trends 2019. Look out for the next event coming very soon on our Facebook Page!