Call For Speakers – Singularity U Warsaw

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Can you educate, inspire, or empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges? Can you contribute to preparing others to seize exponential opportunities?

Digital University is looking for exceptional speakers for an upcoming SingularityU chapter conference taking place in October in Warsaw 26-27 October. Topics cut across those in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Ted Talk quality only. Themes include Exponential Finance, Cognitive Science, Health and Medicine, IoT for Humanity, the Future of Work, Future of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, VR and AR, Quantum Computing, Human Performance, Smart Cities and the Conquest of Space. You can pitch for an 18-minute power speech, 1.5 or 4-hour workshop!

Be featured alongside Steve Blank (Author), Anindya Ghose (NYU Stern), Arun Aggarwal (Cemex), Henry Wong (GarageTech Ventures), Marianne Winslett (UiUC) and more!

I’ve joined the Journey from Inspiration to Impact. Are you in?

Please send your expressions of interest with your bio, video sample and topics before 21st July 2017 #SingularityU #Masters&Robots

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Leesa Soulodre
Chair of Digital Transformation and Governance
AAS Management Committee