What a great turn out we had with relevant information, statistics and insights into the Australian Global Talent Independent (GTI) and the Global Business Talent Attraction (GBTA) visa programme. A big thank you to our partners at Ashton Legal Services, and to our Guest Speaker, Ms Kendall Draper – Global Talent Officer South East Asia and South Asia – and to all the AAS Members who were able to join us. 

As we fell short on time and were unable to get to all of your questions, we have compiled the questions into a Q & A, answered by Ashton Legal practitioners, for Members to access. If you would like to find out if you’re eligible for the GTI visa, please reach out to Ashton Legal via email at globaltalent@ashtonlegal.com.au with a detailed copy of your CV so they can give you a quick pre-assessment and direct you on the next steps. 

For further general information relating to the GTI or GBTA taskforce, Kendall is happy for AAS Members to reach out to her at GlobalTalentSouthEastAsia@dfat.gov.au. As Kendall is a Government representative, please keep in mind that she will not be able to give individual advice or personalised assessments on your situation. If you enjoyed listening to this webinar, please complete t​h​​is survey and tell us which GTI topics you would like AAS and Ashton Legal to focus on for our next webinar series. 

“The team at Ashton would love to engage with AAS Members, hear your opinions, take on your feedback, and provide you with all the resources you need to make an informed decision about your future migration plans to Australia!”

AAS would like to sincerely thank all 97 participants for attending and we look forward to organizing the next one soon.