AAS-PMC Seminar

As part of its efforts to provide Continuing Education Programme (CEP) to its members, the Business Committee of the Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS), in collaboration with the Practising Management Consultant Certification Board (PMC-CB), organised a seminar on Monday, 24 May 2010 at the premises of SPRING Singapore.

The programme for the evening was sponsored by the PMC-CB and conducted by Mr Lim Yoon Foo, General Manager of the PMC-CB and Mr George Wong, a Certified Practising Management Consultant .

Following the opening address by Mr Michael Yap, Chairman of the AAS Business Committee and also a Board Member of PMC-CB, Mr. Lim Yoon Foo gave a presentation on some of the benefits of being a Certified Practising Management Consultant, particularly in terms of its status being recognised by SPRING Singapore, WDA and IE Singapore.

Mr Lim also introduced the Professional Conversation Programme (PCP), launched in November 2009 and funded by WDA. The PCP is specially tailored to help Professionals, Managers and Executives who wish to make a career switch to the Consulting Industry. Under this programme, a trainee is first placed in a Management Consultancy firm and then undergoes a Training Programme conducted by PMC-CB and the subsequent attachment with the sponsor firm. On completion of the 12-months attachment, the candidate will be awarded the Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Certificate.

If any AAS members are interested to be a PMC or in the PCP, please visit the PMC website at www.pmccertboard.org.sg for further details.

Subsequent to the briefing by Mr Lim, Mr George Wong shared his experience as a certified PMC and the benefits that he had gained in terms of not only enhancing his status in the Consulting Industry but also having the “tools” that he could use to help his clients. He strongly urged participants present at the seminar, who are considering a mid-term career switch, study this offer from PMC-CB, which is fully funded.

The seminar was attended by more than 30 participants and ended with some interesting Q&A from both the participants and presenters. Here are some quotes from participants:

“The seminar held on 24 May provided lots of interesting information and helped to guide and pave the way for an individual to switch career to become a management consultant. The talk highlighted how the PCM Certification Scheme works, the PMC certificate will provide additional prestige to the holder and facilitate in future dealings with government-related projects. At the end of the talk, there was some interest shown by the attendees.”

Mr Simon Ho

“Found the seminar very relevant. This is the career switch that I am looking for. Found my calling, just waiting for this opportunity. Fortunately, AAS manages to link me up through UQAAS via Spencer. How I wished it happened early.

Nevertheless, managed to meet up with a potential employer & confirmed that I am on the right track. Will be submitting my applications tomorrow for the:
1) Professional Conversion Programme for Practising Management Consultant and
2) AAS membership. I am grateful & honoured to be in receipt of the support from your
Organisation, Michael & Spencer.”

Mr Shaun Lim

Pre-seminar refreshments and socialization
AAS Management Committee
Mr George Wong, Certified Management Consultant
Mr Lim Yoon Foo, General Manager of the PMC-CB
The captivated audience