AAS-Oroton Christmas Shopping Event at Oroton Flagship Boutique at Marina Bay Shoppes

Held last Thursday, 15 November evening at its Oroton Flagship Boutique at Marina Bay Shoppes, it was the second year that Oroton Group had generously sponsored the event for AAS members and friends. This was in addition to the sponsorship of premium Oroton Bags for our AAS Anniversary Dinner the last 2 years.

Members, particularly those have pre-registered, who have missed the exclusive Oroton Christmas Shopping closed-door event, could have been rewarded with early Christmas presents like our three very lucky prize winners.

Mr Tan Ye Ping, Flinders University alumnus, won the third prize of a coin purse. He picked an orange-coloured one and promptly presented to a lucky lady in the audience. To find out more, you’ll have to ask him.

University of Sydney Alumnus, Ms Denise Choong was the second-prize winner of a bottle of Oroton Eau de Cologne. Attending an AAS event for the first time, she felt it was a good setting for networking – casual and fun and liked the concept of having a Christmas Wish List as part of a Lucky Draw as “it really catches your attention to look carefully at all the beautiful Oroton accessories and bags” Mr Llyod Moffatt who came with Denise said: “Denise and I had a great time. The AAS event was fantastic for myself as a young professional to meet and network with senior business people in Singapore over something we have in common – our education experiences in Australia”.

Mrs Janice Chew’s startled surprise quickly turned into beaming smiles when she learnt that her Christmas Wish List of products worth close to $2,000, turned into reality. The wife of Monash University alumnus, Dr Chew Tuan Chiong, her earlier purchase of 2 Oroton Bags had been doubled with her clinching of the top prize. When asked for comments, her husband Dr Chew said, “I am delighted at Janice’s good fortune but most importantly, I think these well-organised events are a fantastic way of making new friends and generally having a fun evening out with old friends.”

My Baux-Gather Tote, Venice-LGE Wallet and Toulouse Necklace

Janice added: “The Oroton staff were very patient and helpful with advice on matching of clothes, bags and accessories. They were also very friendly and courteous. The F&B staff who served us canapés and drinks were just as friendly and cheerful. The food was well-presented and delicious and included a good variety of drinks. The ambience was cosy. The stylist, Mr Trey Wong, was professional and he presented the Oroton products in a jovial and interactive way, involving the audience – very apt for such an evening. I enjoyed myself very much and receiving the top prize was a bonus as I was contented with my purchase of two lovely bags.”

Agreeing, an impressed Queensland University of Technology alumnus Mr Andy Tan quipped, “This year’s Oroton event held inside the boutique gives a feeling of exclusivity, particularly with the special attention given by each Oroton staff who helped us understand the products and make informed choices.”

Ms Toh Siew Bee loved the Lucky Draw and Christmas Wish List programme and concluded that it was “a fun event and a good excuse for us to catch up with each other. The personalised service and attentiveness of staff as reflected in the following photographs, made the day for all guests. Kudos to Ms Marian, Assistant Store Manager, Ms Georgette and all Oroton staff! AAS would also like to thank Ms Faye Yu, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Oroton Group Limited for the generous sponsorship and co-ordination of the event.

Report by: Ms Peggy Tan, Chair, AAS Activities Committee

Photo credit: Mr Andy Tan & Mr Jedidiah Tan