AAS Alumni imagineer the Future at Masters and Robots

It takes all types of people to create the future: thinkers and doers, logical pragmatists, innovators and intuitive visionaries, experts and generalists and bright lights that thrive on transformation rather than incremental change.

Singapore pioneers Yoong Hui Chia, Chairman and CEO of Ascenz Solutions, and Leesa Soulodre, Innovation Director of Inspirit IoT, AAS Members and Alumni of the University of Southern Queensland, joined leading scientists, professors, experts, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world in Warsaw, from 25th to 28th October for Masters & Robots and SingularityU Warsaw Chapter, the new regional centre for innovative thinking.

Nearly one thousand people from all over Europe gathered to expand their knowledge of new technologies and to be inspired by innovative projects from around the world. Speakers covered the topics of Exponential Finance, Cognitive Science, Health and Biotech, IoT for Humanity, Future of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, VR and AR, Quantum Computing, Human Performance, Smart Cities and the Future of Work.

Yoong Hui Chia, shared the vision of the future for Smart Shipping for improving performance, lowering energy utilisation and improved operational risk intelligence. He later joined a panel with Arun Aggarwal, CIO Cemex and Ramzi Ben Rhomdane, Managing Director of Nissan Renault to discuss the futures of Digital Transformation.

Inspirit IoT Director of Innovation Leesa Soulodre joined Masters&Robots Founder, Jowita Michalska and Mary Ann Pierce, CEO of MAP to open the event. Respecting the value of true diversity and inclusion, she led a M&R panel discussion on the different Faces of Entrepreneurship where she was joined by Polish Entrepreneur Sebastian Kulczyk, Garage Tech Ventures VC, Henry Wong and Angel Investor, Supreet Singh Manchada. Later in her talk on Reputation Risk on the B/leading edge she shared 5 keys to reputation risk management for any company of any size. “Remember your LEADS (Legal, Ethical, Acceptable, Defendable, Sensible),” she advises. Key tools for proactive reputation risk management.” She delivered a Corporate workshop the following day, “Business Prototyping for Customer Experience”.

Today Leesa is a Member of the AAS Management Committee and Chairs both Digital Transformation and Governance and Ethics.

“Masters & Robots”, was forged as an event with the common goal of bringing to the attention of Europe the business and social opportunities flowing from technology, with:

  • 5 discussion panels
  • 13 closed practical workshops
  • 29 lectures
  • 29 speakers (Silicon Valley, New York, London, Chicago, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Budapest), including 10 women (!)
  • 40 organizers and volunteers
  • 45 partners
  • 989 participants

The Digital University Foundation continues technological education for the future. With the support of entrepreneur Sebastian Kulczyk, Jowita Michalska and her team are building a strong #MastersRobots international community to shorten the path to finding truly unique knowledge.

2018 marks the next chapter of “Masters & Robots” and the forging of new events in remarkable cities who will join them on this journey of co-creating the future. It appears that this is not the end of their mutual adventure – it is just the beginning.

Yoong Hui and Leesa’s presentations can be found with all the materials of the 2017 Masters and Robot and SingularityU event here. Simply create a userID and login for access.