AAS 59th AGM 2014

On 27 Mar 2014, AAS held its 59th AGM at the Residence of Australian High Commissioner to Singapore HE Mr Philip Green. This event was attended by over 100 members. The AGM had its uniqueness because of its location and number of members attending.

Before the event, the members mingled in the sprawling lawn & dining area over wine & dinner. Name Cards were being exchanged and the expression on the faces conveyed the catching up, which was being done. The scene resembled of a networking night than an AGM.

Mr. Loh Hoon Sun, President of AAS welcomed the guests and called the meeting to order. He thanked the Australian High Commissioner (AHC), HE Mr Philip Green, for allowing AAS to conduct its 59th AGM in his residence. Mr Loh thanked AHC for his relentless support of AAS. He then invited the AHC to address members.

HE Mr Philip Green, thanked everyone who attended the AGM. He impressed upon the importance of AAS & reaffirmed his support to AAS, in-order to make it even stronger, by engaging with its every member. He also announced that he is inviting 400 alumni during the visit of a Senior Minister from Australia. Mr Green then thanked the President, Mr Loh who retired as President after serving the maximum 2 terms (4 years) under the Constitution. Furthermore, AHC applauded Mr Loh for being a steadfast and strong leader whose support of AAS is undefeatable. With deep appreciation, AHC added that he will organise a proper occasion to thank Mr Loh. Mr Green concluded by reiterating that he will fully support the new Management Committee and all AAS’ events.

Mr Loh then proceeded to the formal Agenda items of the AGM. The President’s report and the Treasurer’s report were accepted. 3 members, as per constitution stepped down, President: Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Treasurer: Ms Esther Chng & MC member: Sylvia Oo. Mr. Loh extended his appreciation to both Ms Chng and Ms Oo for their contribution. The President then announced the names of nominated candidates for election, Mr Christopher Cheah (Founder/CEO of CIMB-TrustCapital Advisors Pte Ltd), Mr Melvin Gwee (President of the University of Melbourne Alumni Association Singapore and Vice President of Natixis Singapore Branch) and Mr Lee Ee Win (Managing Director of Ocean Master Engineering Pte Ltd), who were all duly elected as no other nominations were received.

Auditor: Ms Alicia Lim stepped down as auditor for self-renewal of AAS. The President thanked Alicia for her valuable contributions and relentless support to AAS. Ms Esther Chng was elected Auditor.

The new Management Committee then met to elect from among themselves the office bearers for the term 2014 – 2016. After the meeting, Mr Loh returned to the rostrum to introduce the new President, Mr Christopher Cheah. He then invited Mr Cheah to address members.

Mr Cheah, started by saying he was honoured to be able to stand in front of the members as President. He thanked Mr Loh and the MC members for their support. Thereafter, Mr Cheah introduced his Management Committee members. He outlined his vision for AAS as follows: To reach 5000 individual and 60 institutional members by 2016, to be a strong facilitator not only for members in professional but also business networking and to be a key promoter and supporter of Australian education to Singaporeans and Singaporean education to Australians. To achieve this Vision, AAS needs to increase the membership, to increase the sponsorship and to improve the quality of its events.

Mr Cheah called for support from all the universities & concluded by thanking Mr Loh for building a solid foundation & the Australian High Commissioner, HE Mr Philip Green for his relentless support to AAS. He also thanked everyone at the AGM for their support.

After this, it was the time for team photographs of the out-going and incoming team. Smiles a plenty & sense of enthusiasm were visible to achieve this new vision but with it there was also a touch of sadness for the out-going team members. Overall, it was a very successful AGM with the strong support of members. When the start is so exciting, just imagine how exciting the rest of the year will be. Looking forward to see you at future AAS events. Let us make The Australian Alumni community bigger & stronger.

AAS would like to thank the Australian High Commission for their support, special Thanks to Australian High Commissioner HE Mr Philip Green for allowing us to use his residence for the meeting, sponsoring the wine & for being such a gracious host, Mr Loh and outgoing Management Committee members for their solid work and finally to all the members for showing such amazing support for this AGM.

Photo Credits

Clarence Lee & Kaushik Bhanushali