AAS 54th Annual General Meeting

The AAS 54thAnnual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 29 September 2009 at the NUSS Guild House at SUNTEC City. This was the second consecutive year that saw the support of 52 members, including 16 new members. Last year at the 53rdAGM, there was an attendance of 51.

The atmosphere was cordial and relaxed as members caught up with one another and the out-going Committee, sharing news and the latest happenings while tucking in the delicious fare.

Outgoing President, Mr Simon Ho moved the motion for a Constitution change, subject to the approval of the Registry of Societies, which included theprovision for continuity and self renewal of the Management Committee, admission of institution members and the lengthening of the tenure of the Management Committee from one year to two years. After some deliberation, the AGM supported the motion.

It was a smooth transition of leadership from Mr Simon Ho to Mr Loh Hoon Sun, Managing Director of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, who had graciously accepted the honour. Members of the 2009/2010 Committee were duly elected without any opposition while Mr Simon Ho was duly elected as the Immediate Past President and Ex-Officio of the new Committee.

Congratulations to the 54thAAS Management Committee!

The following photos captured the mood of the AGM proceedings.