AAS 2017 Stakeholder Consultation The Way Forward – Stronger Together

Dear esteemed Members,

Implementing sound corporate governance principles has always been a priority at the AAS.

AAS recognises stakeholder consultation as an important and ongoing process in both our representation as the voice of our Members, and in the development and execution of our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan – The Way Forward.

This information pack “AAS 2017 Stakeholder Consultation”, follows our recent AGM publication of our 62nd Annual General Meeting. I want to thank all who made the time to participate in our 62nd AGM.

It is important to achieve effective communications with you, our Members, in order to create a shared understanding of opportunities, issues and concerns for the AAS.

The intent of this communique is to specifically and directly address the Q&A that was captured from the floor during the AGM proceedings, as well as to capture all related Member questions and answers thereafter. Although raised out of order of the Annual General meeting, all of your questions have been answered, and we have done our best to provide all our Members with transparency on the topics raised.

Issues and recurring questions raised by our Members have been captured in our Issue Register, which is a regularly updated document. The register ensures that all issues are documented and that an AAS MC member is assigned responsibility for resolving each issue.

The key issues and questions raised by our Members are outlined in the following pages, along with a comment on the AAS’s position on each. Input from this process has provided the Management Committee with valuable feedback.

AAS recognises that Member Consultations do not necessarily produce outcomes that are acceptable to all parties, or that will resolve all differences of opinion. However, Stakeholder consultations do offer transparency, and ensures that all issues and opportunities impacting our Members are thoroughly understood and appropriately responded to. It also provides a foundation for a common understanding of issues and a collaborative approach to problem solving and innovation.

Once topics are identified, AAS will further consult and cooperate with our Stakeholders to ensure we are achieving mutually beneficial management outcomes so that we are both executing on our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan – “The Way Forward” and demonstrating our application and adherence to our stated commitments.

Comprehensive stakeholder communication will continue throughout my term, through
our quarterly consultations. Our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan and and Stakeholder Communications Plan will also be updated to incorporate your feedback and expectations over the course of the year.

Your voice is important to us. Together we are stronger.

Join us on the way forward!

Chris Cheah
Australian Alumni Singapore