50 Bridges BBQ

Dear members and friend,

50 BBQs forms an exciting part of the 50 Bridges program to celebrate Singapore’s 50th Anniversary of independence. The BBQs will run simultaneously across Singapore in numerous Heartlands locations and will take place on the evening of 28th June between 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. This is Australia’s commemorative program to Singapore and we encourage Australians to volunteer and participate in Singapore’s celebrations. All Nationalities are welcome to volunteer.


The Australian High Commission (“AHC”) has sought AAS involvement through participation of alumni volunteers to truly capture the bridge between Australian and Singaporean and also enable AHC to engage more with the local community.
Each BBQ would have approximately 10 volunteers, one of these will be the team leader. The volunteer’s duties will include set up, cooking, serving food and engaging with the local community.

Team Leaders
There will be 50 designated team leaders, who will each be responsible for a team of volunteers. Each team leader will be responsible for:

  1. Receiving briefing instructions from/attending briefing sessions by AHC
  2. Where necessary as informed by AAS or AHC, assembling and providing contact details and names of up to 9 other volunteers per team. AAS may assign the volunteers to each team.
  3. Seeking extra standby volunteers to avoid drop out and volunteer shortages on the day.
  4. Coordinating a team of 9 volunteers.
  5. Running one BBQ on the event day