Last year has been a difficult one for many of us, and brought into focus how we might be experiencing different forms of mental well-being challenges – be it from anxiety, loneliness, or burnout.

During these challenging and uncertain times, maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing is of utmost importance, but doing so may not be as intuitive for most.

During the 1-hour interactive zoom webinar workshop, Jonathan Kuek introduced to participants various concepts of wellbeing, learning about the various domains of well-being and why it is important they be proactive and take a more intentional approach towards maintaining their well-being.

Participants gained a better understanding of the various steps involved in crafting a comprehensive well-being plan by partaking in the guided session to help them through the process.

On behalf of AAS, we would like to sincerely convey our gratitude to Speaker and all those who attended the webinar.

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